Floor leveling is our specialty. No matter how large your concrete OR WOOD floor is, and it doesn’t matter if your floor is cracked or uneven due to settling, ICON is flattening Colorado one floor at a time! We will provide you with a firm quote so you have no surprises.


  • Self-Leveling underlayment
  • Cementitious and gypsum skim coats
  • Gypsum floors and sound mat
  • Gypsum floor repairs
  • Identify floor flatness criteria
  • Select and recommend product
  • Provide firm quote
  • Provide 3D laser flatness results, GUARANTEED!

We have several products to choose from and we have vast experience estimating and installing many self-leveling underlayments and corrective overlayments. We have the right products, and the right tools, coupled with several sizes of self-contained mixer/pump units! We will find the right solution to your unique floor leveling challenge. Everytime!

Contact us today to level your floors for a great looking finish!